Cambugahay Falls, Siquior

One of my favorite spot in Siquior is the Cambugahay falls,  it has three levels of short but wide size that is not very intimidating to jump in. This is why many people enjoy doing there Tarzan jump with the vines on the trees. It is not very hard going to this place, you will only descend to long cemented stairs. It is only a challenge going up for those who are not that fit.

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Bukal Falls, Laguna

I have been to many places but there are a few that really stands out and I consider Bukal Falls as one of them. This place is very enchanting. Other falls could not compare with the pristine and color of it’s magical water. I guess it is how the light reflects on this place that creates this color. It transitions from transparent to a gradation of bluish green hues. The water is very cold and I cannot recall of any other falls this cold even when the weather is hot.

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Hulugan, Talay and Hidden Falls

There are many waterfalls in Laguna but there are 3 falls you can go to as a set. We went to San Salvador and register and got ourselves a tour guide. The first falls that we went is Talay falls which is small but has a big pool and then a few meters walking up was Hidden falls which is more majestic. Then you have to go down proceeding to Hulugan falls. The walk would probably take almost an hour.

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