Dingalan, Aurora

Dingalan is not a typical beach that most people expect. It does not have a white sand. The water is dark. The rocks and waves can be big but if there is one great thing about the place is the unique and breathtaking scenery.

The trip would usually start with a photo session on the “I love Dingalan” text sculpture. Around the area is a view of the mountains and a surrounding open field with horses. Then we went to the market to buy food before heading to the port for a boat ride.

I will admit that this is not a place that I would like to swim in but it has this dramatic mood and visuals that is very photogenic. Going to the lighthouse by hiking to enjoy the scenery is the highlight of the place. It offers a panoramic view of a bright yellow mountain range against the deep blue waters.

After lunch we decided to go on a boat ride going to the Lamao Caves. This was a fascinating experience. The  rocks were so dark and mysterious and  the waves were very strong. So you have to be very careful with your gadget because it can get wet easily. We just enjoyed the waves hitting us, we did not even dare swim.

For directions going there just check out this > site.

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