Alibijaban, Quezon Province

Alibajan island has a very diverse mood. When it’s sunny the place can look happy like any tropical island but when it’s cloudy it can be very mystical because of the many enclosed mangroves and crows flying around. It made me feel like I’m in a fairy land waiting for a witch or enchanted creature to appear. I just love how many types of emotion that the place can evoke in me. The colors can transform so fast.

The sand is light and the water were clear. Large tracks of sandbar can be seen during low tide which is a sight to behold. The place is not commercialized so if you want to stay here you have to bring your own tent and you can buy water and use the toilet for a certain fee. You can also ask the locals to cook for you. Just buy food from the local market before riding the boat.

How to get there
Superlines in Cubao has a direct route to San Andres, Quezon or you can take a bus going to Lucena in Starmall, Alabang or Cubao and then take a bus going to San Andres. From San Andres port hire a boat going to Alibijaban island.



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