Paguriran Beach, Sorsogon

What I love about Sorsogon is the vast open space, the clean air, no ugly buildings, no traffic, the vast mountain ranges, the coconut trees, vast farm lands and it’s serenity. It’s just a tropical paradise.

This province offers a lot of beaches and we opted to go to Paguriran beach which is located in Baranggay Sawangga. We went here because of its unique feature which is a lagoon that is a walking distance from the shore. It is circular in shape where there is  pedestal like rock in the middle. The beach offers a lot of cottages and karaoke machines. There are people who sells sea food which you can ask the stores to cook for you. That resort is quite popular and has a good number of visitors which makes it quite busy.


  1. In Manila you can take any Sorsogon-bound buses like Isarog Lines, RSL and Peñafrancia Tours.
  2. From Sorsogon City, you can ride a jeepney going to Barangay Sawannga via Bacon town proper.

The vast blue sky and clean air.

The scenery when you drive around

The beach front in Barcelona

The historic Barcelona church

The beach shore of Paguriran

The lagoon.

Sunset at the beach

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