Bukal Falls, Laguna

I have been to many places but there are a few that really stands out and I consider Bukal Falls as one of them. This place is very enchanting. Other falls could not compare with the pristine and color of it’s magical water. I guess it is how the light reflects on this place that creates this color. It transitions from transparent to a gradation of bluish green hues. The water is very cold and I cannot recall of any other falls this cold even when the weather is hot.

Going to this place will require of almost an hour of walking. The walk is not that hard and the place is very rewarding to see.The falls got two section. The lower part is brighter and open while the upper part is enclosed and dark. The upper part is kinda haunting but you can manage to do some jumps from the side of the rocks so the people here are more loud.


  1. From Manila, Buendia or Alabang ride a bus bound to Santa Cruz, Laguna and tell the driver to drop you off at Pagsawitan or at the Jeepney Terminal Station bound to Majayjay.
  2. Then take a jeep bound to Majayjay and get off at Barangay Bukal.
  3. Register at the barangay and get a tour guide.

The upper part of the falls


The lower part of the falls



Amazing color and pristine water.

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