Hulugan, Talay and Hidden Falls

There are many waterfalls in Laguna but there are 3 falls you can go to as a set. We went to San Salvador and register and got ourselves a tour guide. The first falls that we went is Talay falls which is small but has a big pool and then a few meters walking up was Hidden falls which is more majestic. Then you have to go down proceeding to Hulugan falls. The walk would probably take almost an hour.

Hulugan Falls is the most majestic. It’s very tall and so you can see the water falls in a very long stream. Too bad that we went in summer so the water is less. I would recommend that you do this in reverse order if you want an easier walk because the trail going up of Hulugan falls is steep but if you are looking for a good work out then this order would be an ideal.


  1. Ride a bus going to Santa Cruz, Laguna. Bus terminals are available in Cubao, Buendia or Alabang.
  2. Ride a jeep going to Luisiana and drop off to San Salvador. You may also take a tricycle going to San Salvador.

Talay Falls


Hidden Falls


Hulugan Falls

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