Mount Pico De Loro – Review

Mount Pico De Loro is located  Maragondon, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas with a 664 MASL. The event was held on a cloudy and rainy day on September 22, 2016.

  1. This mountain is more like a park to me than a mountain. There are nice ponds and rivers at the start of the trek.
  2. The trail is wide and clear you don’t have to worry about trees and branches hitting you.
  3. There are lots of resting areas along the trail.
  4. The camp site got stores where you can eat rice and noodles too.
  5.  There are ample amount of tables and benches for large groups.
  6. I like the vast space at the campsite where you can rest and enjoy the view if there is a clearing, if not then just feel the mood of the atmosphere.
  7. I was able to reach the summit but was not able to see anything because of the fog. Then it rained so hard and the drops were painful. Good thing one of the hikers brought a cover.

I find this mountain to be friendly even good for a family activity. It is relaxing and it offers some nice scenery like a wild garden.

Thank you to Vincent #TheAdVinceTurescapade, DiwataRR and HSMC for making this event possible.



A short orientation before the climb.


I love the park look of the starting area..


Crossing the river.


Starting engines.


The gang having a break.


The wide and clear trail.


The campsite.


Going for the assault.


The path towards the summit.


That’s all folks. No clearing for this day.

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