Mt. Hapunang Banoi – Review

Mt. Hapunang Banoi is located at Rodriguez Rizal with a 517 MASL. It is one of the many mountains located in the area. The event was set on August 21, 2016.  We arrived early  morning and started climbing before sunrise and here are things which I have observed.

1. You will pass many local houses and rivers before you can start your climb at the foot of the mountain.

2. You must bring enough water because there is only one store in the mountain and it is located  near the start.

3. Bring enough food because there is not enough choices with the store.

4. The mountain is not that high but the summit is very steep and difficult to climbed. It is full of sharp rocks that can cut you like a knife. So you have to be extra careful.

5. You will know the importance of using gloves with this mountain because you’ll have to touch a lot of sharp rocks.

6. The mountain can be hard on your shoes. It is better to use shoes that are thick or the boot type. Don’t use your fancy shoes because the chances that it can get cuts from the rocks are high.

7. The summit is pure rock and it’s spiky, so it is hard to sit or step on.

8. There are moments that you will have to jump from rock to rock so if you are afraid of heights this can be a concern.

9. There are plenty of shower areas which I love. Water pressure is good.

10. Near the shower area are benches and tables where in you can stay and eat with your friends.

11. Bring off lotion. The mosquitoes there are big and the bite is very painful.

The mountain is good for those who wants an extra challenge. It is not very high or too long to finish but the assault can be dangerous and daunting. It is considered a minor climbed but don’t let it fool you.


Early morning at the only store which is still closed.


Early morning view


View of the river and mountains.


Lots of trees on the limestone edges


The assault towards the summit. You need to step on these sharp rocks going up.


Jupiter, our protector who never left us even though it was a hard climb even for dogs.


You need gloves to protect your hands from these sharp rocks.


The assault. There are no mud, only rocks.


Our young tour guide, LJ


Our brave tour guide. Father of LJ


Rain doing his death defying shot. You need long legs to do this.


My hiking friends at the summit.

Special thanks to Vincent for organizing this event. #TheAdVinceTurescapade

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