Mount Daraitan – Review

Mount Daraitan (August 13, 2016) is located at Tanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon. It has a height of 739 meters above sea level. The mountain got rivers, waterfalls and lush trees. I didn’t see any wild  animals there, so you can feel safe if they creep you out. Many locals depends on the opportunity that the mountain provides for work and you can feel how they love and take care of it.

The Start
It was rainy that dim early morning. There was a big river that we have to cross with a bridge. We rode a tricycle going to the barangay, 10 pesos each or 60 pesos for special. We registered. Bought some snack and waited for the guides, then we proceeded.


The bridge going to the mountain but this was taken after the climb.


The barangay area with the view of the mountain.

Going Up
The trail going up was not that bad because it is a mix of rocks and mud which I prefer. Too much rocks can be slippery and so is mud. The only challenge is the assault which is steep.


The steep climb.

Resting Spots
There were several resting spots with sits made of branches where you can enjoy the view of the mountain. Some of which sells drinks and food like buko juice and eggs.


Resting spots with a great view.

The View
The site is a mountain range of the Sierra Madre and the Daraitan river.



The Summit
Upon reaching the summit the fog is so thick that we could not capture any view but we just managed to take photo of ourselves on a peak rock of the mountain.


The Summit

The Waterfalls
During the mid of our descent there was a waterfall which we took time to enjoy. It has two levels, the second level is small but very private and the first level which is bigger that is along the path way.


The second level of the falls.


The 1st level of the waterfall

Going Down

They say that there were other paths going down which is more difficult but we opted for the easier one. The only difficulty is the long distance. You’ll first walk among these tight bushy trees and rocks and then when you get through it, the path is very open. You will see long stretches of pond. Horses and carabaos on green fields. People going up and down of the mountain. Local houses living near the foot of the mountain until you reach the barangay.


The thick path area going down.


My squad that day taking a break going down.

The Shower Area
After we reach the barangay and ate, we have to go back to the van to get our stuff before we can take a bath. We rode a tricycle. Cross the bridge and went to the van. It was rainy that day so the path is muddy and slippery.

The shower area was near the edge of the bridge so we have to go back. The shower cost us 10 php. The pressure is very low so it was hard to take a bath with a group. When we finished, the rivers water level was high already and it was hard to get back to the van. So after we took a shower we have to dip ourselves into the river and some of us got slipped on the mud.

The water level got even higher that we have to change parking location. The rest of our group who came back late were lucky because there was a better shower area with strong water pressure near the van. If we have waited we need not  pass the river and had a good shower.

In conclusion
The whole adventure was satisfying. This was my second climb. I came prepared and finished it with no pain or injury. I would recommend this mountain for those wanting to walk on open spaces and enjoy the scenery of the province. It is ideal for a day hike and those wanting to enjoy a moderate challenge. I also enjoy the waterfalls as a breaker for the descend.

Thank you to Diwata RR for organizing this event and to JC, Bree and all my travel buddies for the photos that I have used here.

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