What is the perfect shoes for hiking?

I had my first mountain climb recently and it was a great experience. It could have been better if I had better shoes. Knowing what it feels like to climb, I have learned what I wanted.

  1. Easy to clean.
  2. Fast to dry.
  3. It must be light. You’ll never understand until your feet and knees starts giving up on you.
  4. It must be waterproof because it can rain or have to cross a river.
  5. It must conform well to your feet
  6. It must have a good grip on the ground to avoid slips.
  7. It must be breathable. To avoid moisture.
  8. It must have good support on your ankles.

Finding shoes that fits all of these requirements was hard but I found one but it came with a high price. This was the most expensive shoes that I have ever bought. I considered the brand upon a recommendation of a hiker friend and I saw  one of it’s model  that has all the qualities that I was looking for. You don’t even have to wear socks and there is an elastic band that holds well to your ankle that gives it support and grip.

Merrell – All Out Terra Trail
Model -J32437
Price – 5,395 PHP


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